SunBird Commitment to Hang a Red Ribbon

Deborah Cassidy

COVID19—it is the invisible enemy. We are all in this together, and we want to protect each other. This virus has created anxiety, fear, and panic.

Prayer is a wonderful place to turn for protection. Since we cannot go to church to gather, maybe it’s time to bond together in SunBird and pray. The power of prayer in a community is like building a dome of protection over SunBird, friends, family, and even the state.

If you will hang a red bow or a ribbon on your door, or on your dog, or a tree, or anywhere on your house, it would be a terrific way to show that we pray. The red ribbon has a biblical significance also. It symbolizes protection. It represents the blood of Jesus or the red over the Israelites’ doors keeping the angel of death away.

It would be great to see red bows or ribbons everywhere in SunBird.

Look in your Christmas decorations for a red bow!