This, That and Other Stuff

Bob Neuman

I am convinced that people like to be complimented and acknowledged. One rarely receives bad reply from them. But what about long ago friends youíve lost track of or have simply forgotten? Perhaps they were a part of and important in your life then.

I believe we all have had pivotal moments that have altered our lives. Second, there are people in our lives who have caused influential and lasting effects.

For example, I chose to enter ROTC in college. It enabled me to complete college while the Korean War was winding down.

Another was to have married the college girl and be blessed with her and three lovely daughters.

Next I considered those through the years who contributed someway in my life. Naturally, parents, siblings, relatives and friends, but there are others who played a part in my life that I had forgotten.

Finding them was a task. I then wrote a note to each, with no expectation of a reply, telling how important they were at a certain time.

I selected several people. One was a boyhood friend. We sat on the porch reading and trading comic books and enjoying each other while telling jokes.

I included three more early buddies of high school days. We played sports together and just hung out. Surprisingly, I did receive notes from each indicating those were golden days for them also.

Another went to a college friend I had not seen for 50 years. He did answer and agreed that those were good times. He also mentioned the sudden recent death of his wife. Perhaps my note gave him a bit of comfort.

Yet another high school friend replied saying he recalled the good times we loafed at Charlie Miller’s drugstore at 29 and Vine and all the parties we went to.

My first real estate manager taught me how to be a successful real estate broker. His note back said he was pleased but never realized how I felt.

A former high school girlfriend deserved a note for her civilizing me and setting example of being structured and precise while following through on anything; no reply. Do you suppose her husband picked up the mail that day?

A note went to an ex-marine then a teacher. I watched and copied his methods. I remarked that I owed him for my successful teaching years. We were friends until his death.

The last was the first principal I had. There was no reply and, soon after, I discovered he had Alzheimer’s.

No one knows how much time on this earth we are allotted. The years pass so quickly. All of us have past and present people we love and respect, but it is so easy to take them for granted.

There is great benefit in restoring past relationships and much satisfaction in expressing appreciation to others for the good times and their valuable contributions to our lives. Would it not be tragic if we never gave them the opportunity to hear it?

Take a bit of time and remember those who affected your life in a small or large way. So, are you ready to begin your own experiment?