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Third graders delight in Rotary’s annual Dictionary Project

Rotarian Bonnie Whiting at CTA Independent Charter School

Colette McNally Fall is the chosen time for local Rotary Clubs to prepare for one of their most enjoyable service projects of the year. Over the past nine years, the Sun Lakes Rotary Club has led the effort in distributing Dictionaries to every third grader in the Chandler Unified School District, in addition to other…

Outstanding Rotary programs for December

The Chordaires will entertain at the December 23 Rotary breakfast meeting.

Norm Noble On Tuesday, December 2, Rotarian Don Robins will give a brief presentation about the SAE F1 in Schools program. High school students design, build and race model Formula One cars of the future. Brian Roach, the F1 in schools teacher at Hamilton High School, will bring some of his students to the meeting…