Manager’s Report – June 2014

Layne Varney

As the temperatures rise into the 100s the maintenance and improvement projects continue at SunBird.

The annual tree trimming of all common area desert trees was completed in May, access pruning and thinning many of the large trees throughout SunBird. All of the palm trees will be trimmed in June just after the seed pods begin growth to reduce the amount of tree debris and having to trim them twice annually. The first of three annual trimming cycles of all the bushes and plants has been completed and the second cycle is underway. We want to thank our landscape staff who diligently work each day no matter how high the temperatures are or laborious the task is to maintain our common areas.

The asphalt roads in Unit 1A were completely removed this past year all the way down to the sub-grade and re-poured with 3 inches of fresh new asphalt. After the first year of installation of new asphalt, these roads are recommended to be seal coated with an oil-base to help preserve the integrity of the asphalt. Seal coating asphalt is normally a 24 hour job to prepare, apply the material and cure. After a contractor has been selected and the work scheduled, notice will be made to those affected by this work in Unit 1A.

Several small projects are planned for the exterior of the clubhouse this year to enhance and update this awesome facility. The Ballroom kitchen dock area enclosure project is underway and should be completed by the beginning of June. This project will enclose the area where materials and equipment are often stored visible when entering into the main area of the clubhouse. Tiling the front entryway project with decorative tile over the existing sidewalk from the parking lot to the main entrance doors will be completed in June. This project will add to the ambiance when approaching the clubhouse with the water fountains, landscape planter pots and boulders. To complete this area, later this year new accent lighting will be installed around this area highlighting the landscape and signage at the clubhouse.

Parking at the clubhouse can be challenging at times with the number of activities and events occurring daily at SunBird. Further, the property around the clubhouse is very limited leaving very few options for expanding parking. In an effort to help improve parking use this matter has been reviewed for several months. At the main parking lot of the clubhouse (north side) the Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee recommended some vehicle parking revisions to assist with better use of these spaces. It was recommended that three vehicle parking spaces in the north section of the parking lot be restricted to 15 minute parking only. This would allow people to visit the library, office, Pro Shop or whatever quickly and then move on leaving these parking spaces more available for others. The two other parking spaces in the same parking area to the east would be changed to handicap parking only to make available more handicap parking and allow closer access to the clubhouse. The west driveway at the circle golf cart parking area will be expanded to move four golf cart parking spaces west away further allowing delivery trucks to access the clubhouse easier with less congestion.

The 2015 operating budget process started this past April with the Finance Committee and Project Review and Long Range Planning Committees making presentations to the Board of Directors of potential projects and additional revenues sources. SunBird department heads made operational reports to the Board of Directors workshop and planning meeting in May concerning future maintenance and services. This helps with discussing any concerns or areas of focus to assist in developing any new or other ideas for the first draft budget. Over the summer the first draft budget will be developed, reviewed and presented to the Board of Directors in September.

Recently, we have received many generous donations from SunBird clubs, organizations and individuals to assist in funding improvements and upgrades to the facilities, equipment and furniture. It’s a good sign when so many people take pride their community and want to be a part of even making it better. On behalf of SunBird, we would like to thank all those who do so much to help keep SunBird a great place to live.