Important summer mail notice


Jan Griffin, Manager

For new residents to SunBird, when you go on vacation during the summer or any other time, please fill out a Hold Mail card, bring to the SunBird Post Office and we will hold your mail HERE. Chandler Heights Post Office will NOT hold SunBird mail. When you return, come to SunBird to pick up all mail.

We also offer a Hold and Forward service for residents who do not want to use the USPS Change of Address Card. We’ll forward the types of mail you specify; mailings on Fridays and should be delivered on the following Monday. You designate the Friday dates you desire mailings to be sent. Cost for this service is $8.70 per mailing (postage $6.70 plus $2.00 handling fee). We can hold your mail for an extended period of time. No charge for holding mail for 30 days – over 30 days cost $1.00 per week (USPS will only hold mail for 30 days).

Because of dust storms that roll through during the summer months, many mailbox locks will get dirty and hard to open. Try spraying your key and the lock with a silicone spray. Report any locks that still will not open to the Ocotillo Post Office at 480-802-4811 and request lock repair.