Footnotes from the library


Nancy Smith

On a recent vacation trip, we were walking on a footpath and came upon a group of kids. They were laughing and talking and just having a grand time.

“Hi,” I said. “Is this an excursion?” (sounding like a librarian)

“No,” the eldest girl said, “We’re exploring!”

“Well, now,” I thought, “what a big difference between two words.”

Excursion might sound like a planned project. Exploring gets you wondering. What will you find? What is it like? Will I find something new?

If you are a reader, you might have an excursion into mystery or a rootin’-shootin’ Western. Webster defines it as an expedition. Exploring, however, is to investigate or look into.

No matter what you read, it will be an adventure for you. You can explore and learn and enjoy.

So when you take the footpath back home, don’t forget to bring the library books with you.

Happy Exploring!