Footnotes from the Library


Nancy Smith

The SunBird Library would like to remind everyone of the library changes that have been made. It may help you navigate the shelves, and hopefully update your information. We no longer have the following sections:

Pets – We assume you will consult your veterinarian for the care and feeding of your pet. There are some good true “animal stories” in the Non-Fiction section.

Cooking- Our food needs and appetites have changed – especially for seniors. You can, however, find items on the Health and Wellness shelves facing the windows. These cover such subjects as cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, eating-well cooking and assorted related magazines. PLEASE return these so others may use them.

VHS Movies – Do not donate these to our library. Give them to local charities such as Goodwill.

Arts/Crafts – SunBird has many classes and a big variety here. There are lapidary, knitting, pottery, art-painting, woodworking classes, just to name a few. (Consult the activity board for location and time.) Donate any material to the class, NOT the library.

Travel – Only the very latest tours/destinations are in the travel basket on the counter.

Note: The new War category (facing windows) is shelved by author, not the battle or time. All books here are donated and cover a wide timeline. Please be courteous and return them to us. If you have any questions, call Nancy at 480-802-7144.