Footnotes from the library

Nancy Smith

You SunBird readers turn in some pretty interesting items (besides books). Recently, someone donated an old magazine, a very old Better Homes and Gardens magazine, dated February, 1930. Cost? 10 cents. Folks, this gem predates World War II.

Some of these articles could be rerun today. They talked of household germs (Listerine), gardening (fences and landscaping) and locking your house (Yale Master Key). They urged you to replace your rain gutters with Anaconda Copper.

And Maytag pictured its “counter-sink gyrator washing machine, assuring gentle, thorough washing.” General Electric, not to be outdone, showed its new refrigerator with the “mechanism mounted on top.” (We had one of these, and you readers probably did, too).

But alas, we are also reminded of today’s technological advances. An ad by Bell Systems shows the joy of having “telephones throughout the house.” And Kellogg’s wants to know if you’re “tired of the proverbial winter breakfast.”

So, you see! Even older issues of magazines make good reading. Today’s Sports Illustrated covers athletes and sports events. Reader’s Digest is a condensed small monthly booklet you can pick up anytime and read. The Sunbird Library encourages you to enjoy our magazines, and we’d love to have your donations. Check out the many magazines we have in our library. You might find something to stimulate your mind in 2018!