Community Church of SunBird enjoys inspiring messages

Jamie Morgan

This summer, the Community Church of SunBird has been blessed with inspiring messages from our great pastors. We have six pastors who alternate on Sundays throughout the year. We have been introducing them to you this summer, and this month brings us another.

Our featured pastor for September is John Kaites. He has a very fascinating background and, as a result, he deliverers a very interesting and fresh message. He is truly an American Entrepreneur. He has founded, run, and sold many successful businesses, all of which have been based on the principles that he wrote about in his book, Fear Not. It is a book that guides one in the “two weeks of living boldly into God’s authentic confidence.” We have encouraged him to bring copies of his book with him when he comes to SunBird to preach.

John’s faith in Christ began when he accepted Jesus as his personal savior while in the fifth grade. He has been on a life-long journey of serving and growing in his relationship with the Lord. He began his professional career as a broadcaster at the age of 16, became an attorney at age 25, a state representative at age 29, and a state senator at the age of 31. He lost his election for state attorney general at the age of 34, and he then started a law firm that spun off a lobbying firm and three other companies.

At this point in his life, he prayed with great thanksgiving. He realized that he had accomplished what his heart had desired in this first part of his life. Now, he was willing and ready to ask God to do with his life whatever He wanted to do, but please, Lord, “Do not send me to India!”

The Lord, in all His wisdom and with His sense of humor, sent him to India on a business trip. A local pastor introduced him to Fuel the Mission, a charity that ministers to the poorest of kids who rummage through garbage for their survival. With God’s big plan and His help, John and his wife, Ann, along with many others, helped the charity provide dorm-style housing and several large soccer fields. The kids played so much that they became an excellent team. John and Ann helped the charity buy the Katies Football Club so that the kids could compete and find a future and a hope in Jesus and the Blessings of the Lord.

He was led to attend Fuller Theological Seminary at the age of 42. His complete devotion and intentionality to biblical truth has led him down paths of which he never dreamed. He is still involved in multiple companies and serves as counsel to a law firm with more than 260 lawyers. His current ministry is not only in business, but he uses God’s biblical principles to help pastors and churches bring people to faith in Christ using the culture and resources outside of the collection plate. He enjoys being a visiting pastor, and we are so very blessed that he does. Please join us to hear this energetic and innovative man bless your socks off.

Join us at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday in the ballroom. You’ll be glad you did! God bless your day!