American/Italian Club news


Frank Nechvatal

Our November meeting featured .ideo on Italian Immigration, Part 1. Thi.ideo was created for PBS television and proved to b.ery interesting. We had popcorn provided by the club, and members also contributed by bringing other kinds of movie snacks.

Chris presented to the club the plans for the Christmas party. She has planned a luncheon for members at Floridino’s in their party room on Monday, December 4, 2017. We have the room from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The restaurant told us that if we have 25 or fewer attendees, we can order off the menu with separate checks. However, if we have more than 25 attendees, we will have a buffet with two entrees, salad, bread and dessert for approximately $13.00. Please call Chris at 883-9262 to make your reservation if you missed the November meeting. If anyone needs a ride, arrangements can be made through Chris.

The following are some Italian superstitions:

1. Hotels in Italy typically do not have a 17th floor, because in Roman numerals, 17 (XVII) resembles a symbol that is associated with death;

2. Italians believe that the cornicello, which resembles a chili pepper or small horn, will protect one from the evil eye;

3. Placing a hat on a bed is bad luck. Traditionally, when a pries.isited the dying to give last rights, they would remove and place their hat on the bed; and

4. Don’t give someone your best wishes. Instead, say, “In bocca al lupo,” or “into the wolf’s mouth,” as a means of good luck.

Until the next time. Ciao.